What I'm in Love With: Pinterest

By Bunmi on September 29th 2011

Every few months a new website launches that sets Facebook aflame and Twitter a-flutter with people saying it’s the next big thing. When I started seeing Pinterest hashtags on Twitter (#pinterest), I ignored the new www.darling and stayed neutral until one evening after the kids were in bed my curiosity got the best of me.

There was no turning back.

Pinterest.com has single-handedly changed how I browse for recipes, DIY projects…it’s changed how I use the Internet. Remember when you had to wait for a group email from friends or the random Facebook posting to be alerted to a particularly amazing blog post, photo, or way to make Panda bread? Those days are gone. The pages of Pinterest are constantly updating with what’s hot, cool, and moving on the web and since the content is 100% user generated, it’s completely authentic and on point. Think of it as a communal cork-board.

What I find completely fascinating about this website is that somehow, I love 99% of what people pin. Aren’t human beings supposed to be vastly different? Aren’t our interests and lifestyles night and day? Apparently there are millions of people who adore the same slow cooker recipes, home improvement projects, and melt-your-heart sweet baby photography that I do!

Forget Google+, Pinterest is where it’s at.